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My book

The untold story of Jack the Ripper

After several years of unhappy marriage, Mrs Clarke discovers that her spouse is not who he seems to be. Set in London during the Victorian Era, experience a refreshing look on the life of Jack the Ripper, the epitome of serial killers, told by the hand of his devoted wife and prisoner. Her journal, a treasure that outlasted the scathing effects of time, will reveal the true horrors of the killer’s actions. Shall his deeds bring him to justice at last?

The Valley of Fear book cover

The Valley of Fear

By Sir Conan A. Doyle


From the annals of Dr Watson comes a very dark tale of Sherlock Holmes’ early encounter with Professor James Moriarty. When Holmes and Watson receive a strange cipher from one of Moriarty’s henchmen warning of some evil doings in a manor house, they find themselves on the trail of a murderer.  Almost immediately, they set on their way to Sussex, place where they will discover a corpse with its head blown into pieces. However, not all is as it seems, and this incredible mystery hinges upon a secretive lodge. A dark mystery that will prove to be a challenge even for the unbeatable mind of the London detective. 

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